Light rain today in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Light rain should help Cumin crop if coupled with good sunshine tomorrow. Cloudy skies could lead to disease infestation. 

Locusts seems to have damaged 20% of crop in Rajasthan mainly near Pakistan border. Regulation and farmers are still fighting these attacks and in some areas have killed them before they could damage.Tragically we hear reports of farmer suicides and cardiac arrests after farmers saw their farms damaged: 

These swarms can damage entire field in 1 hour and settle down in night when it’s very chilly for farmers to keep vigil. Meanwhile crop seems better in Saurashtra region of Gujarat and we see some loosening up but with weakening dollar. 


Supply seems limited and new crop predicted to be lower with unfavorable changing weather. Prices have started moving up.

Nigella Seeds:

Smaller crop has pushed up prices of Indian Nigella Seeds. Expect strong prices for new crop in April.