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We deliver the promise!

We are farmers at heart and scientists at work!

M Lallubhai & Company is a 50 year young manufacturer and exporter of Spices – Conventional, IPM and Organic. Integrity, high ethics, and sound knowledge about quality requirements drive the business for the company.

Backward Integration : We work with farmers from sowing to harvest, educating and supervising them for pesticides and noxious weeds, and ensure complete traceability to farm level.

Sortex: We have our own Buhler Colorvision Sortex alongwith Cleaning plant to ensure best possible clean spices and to maintain the entire supply chain in our own hands.

We are the 3rd generation entrepreneurs having established in 1971. A strong ethical background has helped us achieve credibility amongst the spices market world-over. Coming from a humble background and starting with a single shop of herbal products, we expanded to retail, wholesale, manufacturing and export-import units. M Lallubhai & Company was founded in 1971 with a vision of delivering quality spices and seeds world over. We were awarded the Star Export House status from Government of India after our growing volume of exports to countries like USA, France, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, etc.

We carefully study the market in terms of crop sowing, weather before and at-time of harvest, world-demand demographics, and provide timely inputs to customers for the all-important decision of when to step in.

ISO & Organic Certified

The Management

Late Mr. Mahesh Shah

A visionary and eldest amongst the family truly set the tone for the company. He loved travelling having visited numerous countries and being in constant touch with customers. Was a brave and a passionate trader leading the import market for many items like Almonds, Cloves, and gums like Guggal, Shilajit. Years of hard-work and honesty lead to M Lallubhai & Company being a trustworthy name in many markets like USA, France, Taiwan and Japan.

Mr. Viren Shah

Coming from an Engineering background, Mr. Viren Shah harnessed the power of Information Technology to not only enhance sales but bring efficiency in processes. Under his management Company was granted the recognition of Export House in 2008 and later Star Export House in 2013. He further carries the torch of strong ethics and possesses frankness to present the facts correctly. With a zeal to excel he is taking company farther to newer markets.