Coriander ( Coriandrum Sativum ) is a globular shaped seed having a brownish yellow color. It has a sweet, spicy nutty flavor. Indian Coriander is lighter than Moroccan or Romanian.

Harvest: March
Please purchase during March / April for best color of the year!

Uses: It is used in Curry powder, chilli powder, garam masala and other spice blends. It pairs well with potatoes, onion, beans, lentils and vegetables. It is also used to relieve pains in joints and rheumatism.

Origin: Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat
Seeds from Madhya Pradesh are smaller than Gujarat and thus more appealing.

Qualities available :
• 100% splits
• Average with 35-40% splits
• Badami Bold : brown color and 5-7% splits
• Eagle green : max 5% splits
• Scooter medium green
• Single parrot : Nice green
• Double Parrot : Good green color
• Xo : PGP washed [badami bold]
• Super Xo : PGP washed [Eagle green]

Cleaning: Machine clean 99% purity or Sortexed clean 99.50% purity. Sortex can also remove all rodent excretas.

Packing: Jute / HDPE