Dill Seeds

Dill Seeds ( Anethum Graveolens ) is tiny, oval and flat with sweet, mild odor. Indian Dill seed is light brown in color with a golden periphery and a pale ridge. European Dill seed is brown with a light rim and curved, oval, flat shape. Indian Dill is longer and narrower than European Dill.

Volatile Oil Content: 1% - 3% [depending on time from harvest]

Harvest : February / March / April

Uses : In dal curry blends, salad dressing blend, pickling spice; Relieve stomach pains and hiccups because of soothing effect Stimulates appetite and induces sleep

Qualities available :
1. MP Origin : Largest Seeds, Prominent golden periphery
2. Rajasthan Origin : Medium size, light golden periphery
3. Gujarat Origin : No golden periphery but more oil content

Cleaning: Max 1% impurities, Sortexed [Max 0.5% impurities]
Can be steam sterilized / ETO sterilized for microbiology guarantee.

Packing: Jute / HDPE / Paper