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    John Smith, Crazytown inc.
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    Jane Smith, Milobrand
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    Paul Willson, The Muse

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24 January 2022

Market news 24th January 2022

Cumin: Speculators got free run today over markets after rains in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Thankfully our IPM region is safe so no worries there. Export demand has slowed down with the current spike.  New regions are popping up for spices. Hearing Fennel coming from MP state and Turmeric and Nigella from Gujarat.Maharashtrian Ginger has already created […]

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24 January 2022

Ipm Crop 2022 Progress

Our extensive data punching and tracking, and with farmers traceability armed us to approach IPM Cumin 2022 with renewed vigour!   What we learned during 2021 IPM cumin Crop harvest:1. Chlorpyrifos is still our enemy number One with traces in farmer lots sometimes giving varying results of 3/4 times on cleaning. Some farmers who had not used chlorpyrifos this year […]

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4 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2021! Government rolled out the new export incentive scheme RODTEP on 31st Dec to be effective from 1st Jan 2021. However with no rates declared it was like a curtain closure for the previous scheme and more chaos and confusion for exporters. Exporters are a distressed lot with ever increasing […]

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