Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)

India produces many grades of turmeric based on size, color and curcumin.

Turmeric is boiled, dried, cleaned and polished rhizome of Curcuma Longa. Turmeric rhizome has a brownish yellow skin and a bright orange yellow interior. It is cured (boiled or steamed) to intensify its aroma and color, then dried. It is then polished with turmeric powder in special drums to give it a shiny look. Turmeric loses its flavor when exposed to light. It is stored at producing centre in pits below ground. Madras Turmeric is lighter and brighter yellow, while Allepey turmeric is a brownish yellow color on the outside with a deep yellow color to orange yellow on the inside.

Qualites available:
Nizam Origin: Double polished, Curcumin min 2.0%
Fair Average Quality: Mixture of small and medium pieces
Good grade: Uniform medium sized pieces

Japan: Large Fingers
Madras origin: Single polished, Double polished, Curcumin min 1.5%
o Fair Average Quality: Mixture of small and medium pieces
o Good grade: Uniform medium sized pieces
o Japan: Large Fingers
Grinding Grade: Single polished Madras or Nizam or Maharashtra origin

Sangli Origin: Dubai size and Good grade size, Curcumin 2.0 to 2.5%

Allepey Type Fingers: Farmer grade polished with high curcumin > 5.0%
Material can be manually re-cleaned for stoneless cargo at a premium

Uses: It is important ingredient in curry powder and most of Indian dishes. Also used as natural colorant. Turmeric heals bruises and sores . Helps inhibit blood clotting and treats skin diseases. Turmeric is also proven anticancer agent and to lower cholesterol.

Packing available: 15 kgs , 25 kgs , 50 kgs jute bags

Special Guarantees which can be given:
1. Lead Chromate free: We ensure our process is 100% pure with no colorants added.
2. Microbiology: Product can be sterilized through steam or ETO to meet microbiology requirements. Sample report attached here.
3. Pesticide Residue: Product can be purchased from farmers directly who are not using pesticides.