Nigella Seeds

Also called as Black Cumin Seeds.
Nigella (Nigella Sativa) is a small irregular shaped black seed that is used whole or gound. It is sharp, slightly bitter, peppery and nutty taste. Nigella has become a popular spice for breads and vegetables in North India, Lebanon, Turkey and Iran.

Producer: Madhya Pradesh

Harvested: March / April

Uses: In North Indian cooking, whole seeds are dry roasted or fried in oil to give a more intense aroma. In Iran and north India it is mainly used to enhance vegetable dishes. It can be used in salads, cottage cheese, pickles and other dishes.

Therapeutic Uses: It reduces flatulence, treats nervous disorders and induces
sweating. It is also taken lactating women to induce milk flow.

Qualities available:
1. Machine Clean 99%
2 .Sortexed 99.50%

Packing: HDPE or Jute