Cumin Seeds

India is world’s largest producer and exporter of Cumin Seeds. Cumin ( Cuminum Cyminum ) is brown, elongated and oval shaped with a ridged surface. It has a nutty, earthy, spicy and bitter taste with penetrating, warm aroma. Cumin is an indispensable in almost all cuisines of the world.

Volatile oil content is 2.5-4.5%

Harvest: February, March

Origin: Gujarat and Rajasthan

Uses: It is popular ingredient in chilli powder for flavoring Mexican, Cuban, Caribbean, and South East Asian. It also added to spice blends like garam masala, curry powder, sambar masala, etc It aids digestion, relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.

Grades available:
• Europe type : Largest seeds for retailing Sortexed Grade 99.70, 99.50 available as well as 99 Clean
• Singapore type : Medium size seeds Sortexed Grade available 99.50 as well as 99 Clean and 98 Clean
• Grinding type : Suitable for making powders and blends 97 Clean, 95 Clean and 90 clean grades available

Packing: As required in HDPE, Jute or Paper

Special Guarantees can be given with additional competitive costs as follows:
1. Peanut Allergen: We can source cumin from regions where peanuts are not grown and handled. We ensure no contamination at any stage of processing and packaging.
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2. Weed free: Cumin is sourced from region where weeds removed during cultivation before harvest. Also double or triple sortex done to remove any weeds left in raw material.
3. Pesticide Residue: Through our program of IPM Cumin we ensure Pesticide residue in final program is within EU limits. For more information click here.
4. Mircobiology: Product can be sterilized through steam or ETO to meet microbiology requirements.
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