Celery Seeds

Celery ( Apium graveolens ) is an aromatic herbaceous plant grown for its leaves, seeds, oleoresin and essential oil. Indian Celery seeds form bulk of world exports.

Volatile oil content : 1.5-3.0% [Average 2.4%].

Harvest: May / June

Uses: As food flavorant in soups, salad, tomato juice and sauces; in medicines as stimulant and tonic, in asthma and for liver diseases; in perfumery as fixative.

Qualities available:
1. Average cleaned
2. Premium cleaned – better size, less admixture and better color

Material can be passed through metal detector on a request.
Steam sterilization / ETO sterilization can be done for microbiology guarantee.
Pesticide residue guarantee can be given by sourcing it from suitable farmers at extra cost.